Stargate: SG-13

01-01 Alpha Beta

Beta Site- Hurray

1. Research a gate address that might not be in the goa’uld list
– An address from Abydos had the last symbol obscured. A random dialing program has found two possible dial-able addresses. One of them is away from Goa’uld space.

2. Primary Goal
– Explore the ruins for alien technology

On the planet, the following is discovered:

  • Ruins of ancient civilization.
    – Ruins are 15K years old
    – Appear to have been an orderly exit, not war or natural disaster.
  • Primary Goal
    – Explore the ruins for alien technology
    • Found a relatively intact ruin – like a grand central station
    • Large mural inside shows an orderly evacuation from the world while under attack from an unknown alien race.
    • One piece of tech found that could not be turned on. Looked like an information panel.
    • Determined the basic numbering scheme.
      – Detect goa’uld presence or influence
      – Determine habitability of the planet
    • Found an adjustable forcefield that can protect the Stargate just above the event horizon or a broader area.
  • Developed a Secondary Goal
    – Oversee the creation of an off world supply depot.
    • Housing
    • Storage
    • Emergency Medical
    • Supplies
    • Munition
    • Emergency transportation
      — Motorycycles, ATV, UAV, Malf, UAV

Along the way there were two primary encounters:
1. Planet has one (1) automated defense working. This was set up to protect the final teams leaving through the Stargate.

2. While setting up the Beta site, Emergency away team is returning.
– SG6 is under heavy fire and SGC risk them returning if in hot pursuit by Jaffa

  • 1 is incapacitated – Extra
  • 3 are wounded – Extra
  • 1 is not wounded – Extra
    – SG6 dials the new zone and is followed in by some Jaffa.
  • 12 Jaffa – Extras
  • 12 Jaffa – Heavily armored – Extra
  • 4 Jaffa – Portable battery. – Extra
    — Goa’uld Cannon 50/100/200 4d6 AP 3 MBT or 4d10 AP6 1 target.
    – SG6 is low on ammo and needs medical attention



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