Stargate: SG-13

01-00 Welcome the Unas

First Adventure


A call comes in to SGC. There is an off-world emergency. A science team and SGC resources have come under attack. SitRep to follow:

SG7 (4 NPCs) is off world escorting a routine survey team (5 scientists).

SG9 has been sent to relieve SG7. A member of SG9 makes it back to the gate to call for help.
– 3 Scientists in the field were killed by large reptilian humanoids using spears and bare hands.
– Sondra, Gerald, and MJ
– 2 SG7 were killed
– Eric, Mason
– 1 SG7 is severely wounded
– Marty
– 1 remaining SG7 is guarding the camp calling for reinforcements
– 3 SG9 are moving into the camp to secure and rescue.
– Michael, Greg, Garner
– 1 is dialing for help – Bob

The team is sent in to investigate and either rescue or secure the team members.



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